A Day on the Farm

Spent the weekend traveling as seems to be the thing these days. I’m not knocking it I’m rather enjoying all the new sites and sounds I’ve denied or ignored these long years.

I joined a few friends on their farm I introduced them to some Yoga and Gong practices and they introduced me to how to manicure cows.. ( No animals hurt during this photo shot)

And I got to spend time wandering the cliffs of my favourite beach.

So now on to Christmas a little wiser and a little colder.

Love, light, Sat Nam, Om & out.

Africa, Kenya Yogafari

We talk a lot about pushing ourselves out of are comfort zone and even relaxation can seem to take on the form of a practice..so I’m going to start my day by staying put. No lessons no place to be and no zones to expand.

Me my coffee and some colours. 🙏🌎🧘‍♀️🎶

Kundalini Meditation weekend, Penpont Wales.

Just arrived back from a weekend in the Brecon Beacons. It’s been thirty years since i last stepped foot into wales, back in the days of the “Youth Training Schemes” and a team building holidays that groups of 16 year olds didn’t really want to be on.

I’ve been playing with Kundalini yoga as a student for the last few months, along side my own Hatha study and classes and i’m slowly becoming a convert. I find it contains/combiens a great many things i miss from my Martial Arts days with the yoga that i love so much now.

As well as secretly checking out the venue for my own use, i was really impressed with Penpont House.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express the amazing ways i discovered to leave my known territory and explore the unknown that lives deep within. Opening up to the possibilities in life and work, after attending Ram Inderpreet Meditation retreat weekend Penpont Wales. what an amazing experience.”

Guinness World Record.

This August, London hosted the Guinness World Record attempt for “The World’s Largest Gong Ensemble”. – the World’s biggest ever gong bath, with 100+ gongs, played by some of the World’s best gong players!

2018-08-25 10.29.19.jpg

Sound is one of the oldest and most natural forms of relaxation and healing, documented and practiced in ancient civilisations, tribes and clinics around the world for over 40,000 years. Gongs, in particular, with their wide range of of frequencies, tones and harmonies, are one of the most powerful healing instruments.

More than 190 gong players turned out to break the record.


Peace, Love – Sat Nam, Om & out.