About Us.

Wayne Boyce (FRYOG Dip)


I came to Yoga in 2010 after being involved with and practicing various martial arts. After 4 years of practice I decided that all I had learnt and discovered across the Arts had many similarities and should be passed on to others, who may want a different look at their yoga practice, so I recently took the plunge and completed my 200hr teaching diploma with FRYOG (Friends of Yoga).

2018-08-05 19.08.34

After getting a little lost during my teacher training, a set of Sing bowls and Gongs fell in to my life. These have transformed into an entirely different set of disciplines and its effects help bring a new dimension in to mine and others practice…the learning never stops as we all progress along our path.

2018-08-25 10.29.18

Yoga and gongs has brought such joy and transformation to my life that I feel blessed and grateful for the chance to share it with others through teaching. If you’re even slightly tempted to try it, just do. I look forward to meeting you!.

Love, light. Sat Nam, Go-Om-ng and out.