Dance Away..

I’ve had repeated dreams and imagery the last few weeks of dancing with a dark haired stranger around a large bonfire..Now i dont dance at all and i have no idea where this idea is going or even came from, as with many of them but when i get sent messages like this it makes me smile and wonder what the universe is upto.

As Roxy music would say ย “Dance away the heartache”

โ€œDancing is not just getting up painlessly,ย 

like a leaf blown on the wind;ย 

dancing is when you tear your heart outย 

and rise out of your bodyย 

to hang suspendedย 

between the worlds.โ€

– Rumi


Love, light. Sat Nam, Go-Om-ng and out

Energies overload.

Apart from the last few lines, this about sums up Wednesday morning. So much for a break…



I’m going to hope that these are famous last words (And no disrespect ladies). plenty of information/books websites etc in the Yoga world on the Divine Feminine aspects of things.

Im either missing it, not ready for it or what i’m looking for isn’t currently out there yet, food for thought along the path.

Love, light. Sat Nam, Go-Om-ng and out.

Twin hearts

It’s a year to the day I took a kundalini class and got sucked in, this morning I’m along for a a meditation class that’s been started by the very same teacher…

Always happy to support a new class and as an upside I really like the Twin Hearts Meditation & I have a growing interest in pranic healing so it’s an easy thanks to this teacher for the help and guidance she’s given me over the last year.

Love, light. Sat Nam, Om and out.